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Armour in Focus: T-34/85 – Might of the Motherland


The Soviet T-34 series was unsurprisingly the mainstay of the Soviet armoured forces during World War Two – its sloped armour changed the fundamental design of armoured vehicles later in the war, and allowed it to withstand all but the heaviest of German fire.

The T-34/85 introduced a new turret to the rugged and reliable T34 chassis, allowing it to mount the much more powerful 85mm ZiS gun – thus the T-34/85 was born – with excellent performance both on and off-road, no matter what the conditions, with simple controls and the might of Soviet assembly-line production behind them – it was one of the most successful tanks of the war.


By taking the existing T-34 chassis and adapting it, rather than working on a completely new design. With the T-34 chassis already rolling through Soviet assembly lines, they were able to manufacture the T-34/85 in great numbers very quickly – by the summer of 1944 the Soviet war machine could produce more T-34/85s in a month than the Germans had Panther tanks in the whole of the Eastern Front!

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With over 21,000 of the 57,000 T-34s built during WWII being T-34/85s, the Russian credo was clearly one of quantity over quality, although it was an unwise Panzer commander who discounted the ability of the T-34/85.


Using a simple, robust design, the Russian forces employed sheer weight of numbers to overcome the technologically superior contemporary German Panzers. Tanks rolled off of the assembly line so fast that some T-34s took to the battlefield still coated in their Iron Oxide Red Rustproof paint – without their final coat of paint.


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