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Announcement: Invasion of Britain Summer Campaign

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Exciting news for Bolt Action players everywhere – our epic online summer campaign is the Invasion of Britain!

Inspired by the new Operation Sea Lion book, but expanded to let all Bolt Action armies get involved, you’ll be able to defend the White Cliffs of Dover, invade the docklands of Newcastle and battle over the munitions factories of Birmingham.

War is Coming:

Any army can take part, but as the events are set in the early-war period you may like to get prepared by building a suitable force. British LDV and BEF are perfect for the defenders and the Blitzkrieg German range is ideal for the invaders. Of course this is a ‘what-if’ campaign, so it’s easy to imagine the Americans coming to Britain’s aid or the Soviets coming across from Finland (but on which side?).

We’ll be running articles to help you build your force as well as creating tabletop battlefields to represent the green fields of Blighty! There are also lots more miniature releases on the way!

12th July: Prepare for Invasion

Online registration opens.

Once you’ve registered, report to your Regional HQ (ie your local participating games store), to help plan the war effort.

28th July: Battles Commence

Play loads of battles! There will be special rules depending on the location of your battle on the map and which side is in control of the neighbouring regions.

File a report of your battles online and inform your Regional HQ to earn bonus points for your side, and look out for organised events that will score even more!

28th August: Final Results

Final results will be accepted on 28th August – your last chance to grab glory!


We’ll bring you more information over the coming months as the invasion nears!