Alessio on tour!

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Bolt Action co-author and international man of mischief, Alessio Cavatore managed to sneak away from his desk and off to Tokyo for a holiday – but, he of course managed to sneak-in some Bolt Action along the way!

His first stop was at ‘Good Heavens’ – a bar packed with the Gaijin gamers of the West Tokyo Wargamers club

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Among their tables was a fantastic board representing the jungle battlefields of Burma – the Japanese fighting the British, with aquarium plants scattered about to represent the foliage, which added extra atmosphere.


This was shortly followed by a trip to ‘Mr Field Hobby Space’ – a retailer, who was hosting a Tank War promotion event, and a 500pt tournament, with Alessio taking command of his American forces!

As he approached the suburb, strange posters were plastered on lamp posts, advertising boards, and over the walls…




His final stop was at ‘Arrows’ – a hub of Bolt Action events in the heart of Tokyo, run by Kazu Ohno, where Alessio took charge of a big ‘Tank Ace’ game.  A crowd of participants each took command of a single tank, and let rip! – the highlight probably being the moment that an Italian light tank reduced a Panther to smithereens (or so Alessio tells us…)!

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After a slew of signings, photographs and fumbled dice rolls, it was a fantastic opportunity to meet new gamers, and see Bolt Action in a massively different setting!

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