Warlord Studio Update – 28th May 2016

Time for another glimpse into the Warlord design studio to see what everyone’s working on, and perhaps a hint at what’s to come…

Wojtek has completed the sculpting on an Isorian character known only as Xan Tu. He’s also completed a squad of Soviet veterans in snow suits for our forthcoming Winter Soviets range. In addition he’s working on Highlanders for the Crimean War…

Steve has now slunk off on a weeks dereliction of duty (sorry – holiday) but before he left finished the first five Australian Independent Commandos (as seen here) as well as working on new crew for our Persian King’s Chariot.

Darek has been painting the many variants of our soon to be released plastic Churchill tank (as previewed here). He’s also been making new weapons for the British Home Guard…

Kirsten has finished painting the Boromite Heavy Mag Cannon and has now started work on the colossal Matronite Brood Mother. That might take some time!


Andres – currently working on German Volksgrenadiers, as of this morning! (31st May 2016)

Andres has now finished painting new releases for the Cutting Edge Bronze Age range – Achaeans and Sea Peoples. In addition he’s painted the two special edition figures that will be included on the forthcoming Black Powder starter set. Also on his paintstation is C-in-C Josen, C3 XEF. Next up, German Volksgrenadiers.

Mark has been working on the packaging for the Black powder starter set as well as the plastic Churchill.

Anna has also been AWOL this week under the tenuous guise of ‘annual leave’. Poor form!

Oh, and speaking of ‘What’s to come’…

Following some of the work-in-progress sculpts and models shown at Salute earlier this year – we’ve heard a lot of eager speculation and murmurings throughout the community with regards to what might be being released over the coming days, weeks, months – and even years!

Well – when it comes to Beyond the Gates of Antares in particular, we thought we’d give a glimpse at a portion of our release schedule…

Keep in mind that there are many variables involved in the progression of a project, so the release schedule is subject to change and shift…


  • ‘The Battle for Xilos’ narrative supplement
  • Boromite Rock Riders
  • Boromite Guildess Arran Gestalin
  • Boromite Micromite Probe Shard
  • Fartok, Leader of the Outcast Rebellion
  • Fartok’s Black Guard
  • Ghar Outcast Rebel Command
  • Ghar High Commander Karg
  • Xilos Snapper and Drummer
  • Xilos Gulper
  • Amano Harran, Freeborn Mercenary Captain
  • Freeborn Hound Probe Shard
  • General Tar Es Janar
  • Algoryn Medic Team
  • Algoryn Drop Capsule Assault Pack
  • Algoryn Drop Capsule Support Pack
  • Algoryn Compression Cannon
  • Commander Josen
  • Concord Drop Command Squad
  • Isorian Tsan Ra Phase Squad



Just a few snippets from July’s schedule, while we work-out the particulars…

  • Freeborn Striker Attack Skimmer
  • Boromite Hatchling Swarm
  • Algoryn Mag Mortar
  • C3T7 Transporter Drone

…and that’s just a taster! There are heaps of new releases coming – not just for Beyond the Gates of Antares, but across all of our ranges – so keep watching the Warlord Newsletter for specifics as-and-when we have them!

Article written by Richard Dando