Spotlight: Painting Macedonian Phalangites

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After looking over what you’ve bought in our fantastic Summer Clearance Sale, we noticed that a lot of you have picked up sprues of the excellent Macedonian Phalangites.

We took a look at the campaigns of Phillip II and his military reforms last week, so this week we’re going to show you how to paint your new force of Macedonians.

This painting guide is designed to be quick and easy to follow, producing brilliant models for your games of Hail Caesar.

Step by step painting guide for Macedonian phalangites

If you’re spoiling to conquer half the known world, we’ve put together a bundle that bolts onto the existing Successors Starter Army and gives you everything you need to recreate Philip II’s elite fighting force.

This set contains:

  • Alexander the Great & Philip II of Macedon Blister Pack
  • Macedonian Companion Cavalry boxed set
  • Thureophoroi infantry command Blister Pack
  • Thureophoroi infantry Blister Pack
  • Thracians with Rhomphaia Blister Pack
  • Macedonian command Blister Pack
  • Macedonian command 2 Blister Pack

The Early Macedonian bundle, showing the contents.

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Coming soon: How the army of Philip II evolved into the Macedonian Successor States!

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