The heat builds up as we go from one theatre with extreme conditions to another, this time desert warfare in the African and Italian campaigns. Duel In The Sun is now available to Pre-Order!

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Written by Dylan Owen and Alessio Cavatore, this expansion to the Bolt Action range of campaign books is packed with explosive action! Duel In The Sun takes us from the initial clashes between the British and Italian armies in Libya, and Britain’s first unexpected victories, through the ill-fated British expedition to protect Greece from Hitler’s invading troops, and the subsequent desperate battles of British and Commonwealth forces in Crete against determined German paratroopers.

From there we move onto the epic tank duels in the deserts of North Africa as Hitler reinforced Mussolini’s battered forces with the deadly Afrika Korps, and the ultimate showdown between two legendary desert commanders, Rommel and Montgomery, at El Alamein.

Duel in the Sun Italian Minefield
We then have the debut of the Americans into the African theatre, their bloody setback at Kasserine Pass, and eventual success in helping to clear North Africa of Axis influence.
Finishing with the Allied invasions of Sicily and mainland Italy, and the stubborn German defence that resisted the invaders almost up to the end of the war in Europe.

If this hasn’t whetted your appetite more than enough then wait till you see the special character model we have for you, only available if you order direct from us here at Warlord. Sydney ‘Digger’ Robinson is a true ‘Rat of Tobruk’! This Desert Rat can easily be made as either a Tommy or Digger and looks rather handy with his Bren in action! More about him soon.

Here he is going from sculpting into a master mold and the very first cast.


So, as we fight the bitter winter campaigns of the Ardennes and Russia 1944 with our Winter Assault armies, we can have something warmer to look forward to this February. Dust off your tin hats, get the tanks rolling, and pre-order today!

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