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New: Soviet Infantry (Winter) plastic boxed set

Along with the ‘Ostfront’ Theatre book, we received another delivery this week – our eagerly anticipated new plastic kit for Bolt Action – Soviet Infantry equipped for the freezing wintry conditions of the Eastern Front or for the push into Germany’s heartland…


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The first sets have been shipped out – with great waves of fresh conscripts being deployed to all corners of the globe!

Winter Soviets

When the German army crashed over the Russian border in 1941, Hitler was confident of a short, sharp campaign. He nearly got one, but heroic defence by the massive Soviet armies slowed the Nazi advance. It was done by the simple private soldier, “Ivan” as the Germans called him. Brave, solid, and loyal, these soldiers endured dreadful battle conditions. Their equipment was unsophisticated but functional, much like the troops themselves.

The bitter fighting in Finland had taught some hard lessons to the Red Army where thousands of their men fell victim to frostbite. The cold weather kit later issued was warm and comfortable, frequently padded or quilted, and was much envied by the German troops shivering in thin overcoats.

These tough men could lie out in the snow for hours before making their attacks. Urrah!


Soviet Infantry (Winter) contains:

Enough plastic components to make 40 Soviet Union infantry miniatures, equipped to fight in the harsh winter of the Eastern Front with greatcoats, fur ushanka hats, quilted telogrieka uniforms, mittens, felt boots and scarves!. Includes a host of options to allow for different weapons and command models.

Weapons included: Mosin-Nagant rifle (scoped, with bayonet and without), PTRD Anti-tank rifle, submachine guns (PPS-43 , PPSh-41 and PPD-40), Mosin-Nagant carbine, DT-28 light machine gun, Tokarev semi-automatic rifle (and bayonet version), pistols and rifle grenade launcher. Also includes captured Panzerfaust and MP40 SMG!

Round plastic bases (25mm diameter).

Background leaflet.


In addition, we’ve put together this deal to get your Soviet infantry into battle quickly, including 80 men plus 2 trucks to transport them:


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