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When the German army crashed over the Russian border in 1941, Hitler was confident of a short, sharp campaign. He nearly got one, but heroic defence by the massive Soviet armies slowed the Nazi advance. It was done by the simple private soldier, “Ivan” as the Germans called him. Brave, solid, and loyal, these soldiers endured dreadful battle conditions. Their equipment was unsophisticated but functional, much like the troops themselves.

To make it easier to add numbers to your red horde we have now made the Winter Soviet Infantry sprue available for purchase separately.


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The bitter fighting in Finland had taught some hard lessons to the Red Army where thousands of their men fell victim to frostbite. The cold weather kit later issued was warm and comfortable, frequently padded or quilted, and was much envied by the German troops shivering in thin overcoats.

These tough men could lie out in the snow for hours before making their attacks. Urrah!


Don’t forget the weapons! The Soviet Weapon Sprue is the ideal accompaniment for the Winter Soviet Sprue… with all of the rifles, SMGs, and pistols for your standard troops, along with Sniper Rifles, an LMG, a Panzerfaust, Grenades, and a couple of Assault Rifles to add some extra punch!


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Being able to buy single sprues opens up lots of possibilities for experimentation for instance you can now have a go at recreating Andy Singleton’s Winter Germans by using bits from both the German Blitzkrieg sprue and the Winter Soviet Infantry sprue.


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Singleton Winter Germans (1)

If you are this way inclined we would really like to see your creations, please post them in the Bolt Action Facebook group, on our Forum or send them to us directly at With your permission we will show the most creative and the very best ideas in future articles.