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New: Soviet Ampulomet, 50mm Mortar and Flamethrower teams

Reinforce you Soviet forces with these new support teams – the Ampulomet, 50mm light mortar and Flamethrower teams.

Invented in the first desperate years after the German invasion of the Motherland, the Ampulomet was a simple homemade device that fired either a glass cylinder or tin can filled with incendiary chemicals. It was extensively used in the defence of both Leningrad and Stalingrad.

WGB-RI-38-Ampulomet-team-a WGB-RI-38-Ampulomet-team-b WGB-RI-38-Ampulomet-team-c WGB-RI-38-Ampulomet-team-d

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Meanwhile the 50mm light mortar and Flamethrower teams allow you to deliver death at range as well as up close and personal. Za Stalina! Za Rodinu!

WGB-RI-39-Lt-Mortar-FT-teams-a WGB-RI-39-Lt-Mortar-FT-teams-b

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