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New: Napoleonic British Starter Army boxed set

This fantastic new Napoleonic starter army is just the job for seeing off Boney’s French bully boys!


Containing not only over 100 of our splendid new plastic British Line Infantry in Waterloo uniforms, this box is also the first time you can get hold of our forthcoming plastic Hanoverian Infantry! These brave souls, ousted from their homeland are now fighting alongside their British brothers in arms and can be fielded as either Field Battalions or Landwehr regiments.

WGN-BR-03-Hanoverian-Infantry-b WGN-BR-03-Hanoverian-Infantry-c WGN-BR-03-Hanoverian-Infantry-d

But that’s not all! To lead this redcoated force of His Majesty’s finest we’ve included a field officer atop his trusty steed and to pound the enemy from afar we have our band new Royal Horse Artillery 9-pounder cannon – another model you won’t be able to get anywhere else for a while!


Add in full-colour leaflets containing a variety of British and Hanoverian flags and you’re all set to send Bonaparte’s troops packing – huzzah!



There are 144 infantry in total, and the full box contents would retail at over £100 ($160) individually, however the boxed army set is just £80 ($128) – a big saving!

WGN-BR-08 Waterloo British starter army

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