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New: Krupp Protze Heavy Field Car

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The Germans made use of many different types of truck, including those captured from their enemies. Perhaps the most well-known is the Opel Blitz, although the six-wheeled Krupp-Protze was also widely used and is instantly recognisable.


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Around 7,000 Krupp Protze trucks were produced between 1934 and 1941. This six-wheeled truck was used as both a troop transport and as an artillery tractor – and was used heavily by the German forces throughout the Second World War.

Krupp Protze (1)

Early examples of the Protze were fitted with a 55hp engine, however from 1936 it was upgraded to house a 60hp engine which gave it more power in the field.

The Protze was primarily used to transport motorized infantry, and to tow German field artillery –  in particular, the PaK 36.

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The Protze saw extensive used throughout the Eastern Front, the North African campaign, and in the North West European Theatre in both France and Sicily.


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The Krupp Protze would make a handsome transport for our recently released plastic German Grenadiers, and is the perfect tow for the much-feared PaK 36.

Trucks in military use throughout the war were largely unarmed – but were sometimes armed with a pintle-mounted machine gun – primarily for anti-aircraft defence.

In Bolt Action

The Krupp Protze is covered by the ‘Truck’ entry found across pages 64 and 65 of the ‘Armies of Germany‘ Bolt Action supplement;


Cost: 31pts (Inexperienced), 39pts (Regular), 47pts (Veteran)
Weapons: None
Damage Value: 6+ (soft-skin)
Transport: Up to 12 men
Tow: Light howitzer; light or medium anti-tank gun; light anti-aircraft gun
– May have a pintle-mounted MMG covering the forward arc for +15pts