New: Japanese Type 2 Ka-Mi Amphibious Tank!

This week sees the release of the Japanese Type 2 Ka-Mi  – the Imperial Japanese Navy’s first amphibious tank. As the subject matter is rather different to the regular armoured fighting vehicles we’ve had some fun with it and can offer it in three forms – the standard on-land vehicle, on-land with pontoons attached, and a waterline version!


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The Japanese Navy developed a series of amphibious tanks to support the Special Naval Landing Force during amphibious operations such as those which the Japanese launched throughout their conquests of early 1941 and 1942. The Ka-Mi was based upon the Ha-Go chassis – which was essentially rebuilt, with detachable pontoons and a boat hull to aid water travel.

The main armament of the Ka-Mi was a high-velocity  37mm gun with a coaxial Type 97 light machine gun. The Ka-Mi was also known to have been fitted with torpedoes on occasion and the tank could even be launched for them deck of Japanese submarines!


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By the time that the amphibious tanks had been designed and built, Japan found itself fighting a defensive war, and the need had diminished – their role changed to infantry support, and functioning as mobile pillboxes. That being said, the Ka-Mi reportedly saw action in Marianna, the Marshall islands, Guam, Aitape and Biak in New Guinea, and during the invasion of Leyte.   Our waterline version of the Ka-Mi is designed to look submerged when you place it on a water section of your battlefield.


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And to allow you to get the right look as you drive the tank in and out of the water, we have bundled together both pontoon versions at a great price:


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Ka-Mi 2


Dimensions – 7.42 (4.80 without pontoons) x 2.79 x 2.34 m (24.34/15.75×9.15×7.68 ft) Total weight, battle ready -12.3 tons (9.15 without pontoons) Crew – 5-6 (driver, 2 gunners, loader, radioman) Propulsion – Mitsubishi air-cooled 6-cyl. diesel 115 hp (86 kW) Top speed – 37 km/h (20 mph) Armor – 6 to 13 mm (0.24-0.51 in) Armament – 1x 37 mm (1.45 in) Type 1, 2x 7.7 mm (0.3 in) Type 97 machine gun Range (maximal at cruise speed) – 200 km (140 mi) Total production – 184 between 1942-43 Ka-Mi afloatThe rules for the Ka-Mi can be found on page 35 of the ‘Armies of Imperial Japan‘ book – so what are you waiting for? – Head over to the webstore for reinforcements! And – why not grab a platoon of Ka-Mi tanks to tackle the Marines in a full-on Tank War?!


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