New: Bolt Action Belgian FRC 47mm anti-tank gun!

The brave soldiers of the Belgian army receive much needed reinforcements this week in the form of this potent 47mm anti-tank gun.

The Belgian Canon de 47 FRC was an infantry support gun, produced by the Fonderie Royale des Canons (FRC). Following the fall of Belgium, the Wehrmacht re-designated these as 4.7 cm IG 260(b).  Good to know if you’re looking for something a litle different to add to your early war German army.

Using our Figure Head head swap system you have a choice of head gear for your crews – Adrian helmets or Bonnets de Police.

You can also have the 47mm anti-tank gun crewed by men of the Chasseurs Ardennais, proudly wearing their green berets.

If this great anti-tank gun has piqued your interest in starting a Belgian army with which to oppose that nasty Herr Hitler’s expansion plans, you’ll be wanting squads of infantry for starters. As you can see below we have just the thing…

And it would be rude of us not to remind you of our Belgian paint set – all the colours you’ll need to get your army into the thick of the action without the need to trawl through paint lists.

That’s not all for those of you collecting a Belgian army for WWII – more on the way soon…