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New: 4ground buildings and carts!

We now have loads of the lovely new carts and buildings from our mates at 4ground – the same chaps who produced our beautiful buildings from our Rorke’s Drift! and Horns of the Buffalo battle-sets.

Pre-painted Roman Limes Watchtower

The Roman Limes Towers were manned at all times by a single eight man contubernium. This is a typical watch tower of the European Limes (frontier).

Four men would be on duty on the upper floor spending their time watching for trouble on the horizon. The other four would be off duty, eating and gaming on the upper floor or asleep in one of the four bunks on the first floor.  The cellar would have enough food, wine, and water for more than a week.

The Roman Limes Tower pre-painted with 4Ground Base paints. The Limes Tower comes windows, doors,  internal walls and a cellar floor which are also pre-painted. The tower comes unassembled but they are straightforward to build and full instructions are included.

Pre-painted Old Timber Framed Cottage

Another beautiful pre-painted terrain piece to enhance your games!

It is double-skinned and has been painted inside and out with 4Ground Base Paints. Complete with Stuart windows and door add-on set it’s is ready for your table once assembled. Ideal for any period since Tudor times and perfect for fantasy settings and for those of you immersing yourselves in A Very British Civil War.

Pre-painted Double-sided Timber-framed Market Hall

This highly detailed, pre-painted model has easily accessible room sections making it great for any wargame or role-playing game. On the ground floor is a Market Sellers Court Yard and the stairs lead to Town Council Chambers where a jail can be found under the staircase. In the Town Council Chambers there is a raised platform with a ladder for an unsuspecting attack on any intruders or adventures.

This model is double-skinned and has been painted inside and out with 4Ground Base Paints. Complete with the Tudor windows and doors it’s is ready for your table once assembled. Ideal for any period since Tudor times. A great building for any game or table centrepiece. Miniatures shown for scale and not included. Requires assembly.

Ox Wagon

This finely detailed Ox Wagon can be used as a great piece of scenery or an important objective. Assembled required.

General Purpose Wagon

A General Purpose Wagon typical of those used by civilians and armies on almost every Continent during the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries (not the military GS wagon). This wagon will enhance any gaming battlefield as an important objective, a sturdy defensive barricade or as the basis of a baggage train. It can be made with  or without the canopy hoops.

Horse-drawn Utility Cart

A Horse Cart that could have been found on any battlefield or street barricade up to & including WWII. A great piece of scenery or ideal as a game objective.

Hedgehog & Dragon’s Teeth Tank Traps

Slow ’em down, hit ’em hard! Tank traps were a counter development of fast moving 20th century mechanised warfare.

‘Tschechenigel’ – Czech Hedgehogs where first seen on the Czech boarder. The Germans placed thousands of them along the beaches of Northern France. Made from angle iron welded together, they would trap tanks by lifting the tracks off the ground as they were run over (even on beaches) or, submerged, ripping the hulls out of landing craft. A disabled tank was easy for artillery to range and destroy!

Hedgehogs tank traps were great, however iron was needed as the raw material of war machines, so German technology came up with a concrete alternative – reinforced concrete structures they called Dragon’s Teeth.

These tank traps are a must for any game where a defender has had time to reinforce their position. Each pack contains 3 Hedgehogs, 3 Dragon’s Teeth and 6 laser-cut 50mm round bases.

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