Hobby: Sturmpanzerwagen A7V


The ever-talented Claudia Zuminich has turned her talented hand to our recently released A7V German WWI Tank with her usual flair and eye for detail – by utilising some advanced weathering techniques, she’s given the model a gritty, war-torn feel – and think you’ll agree, it looks rather good!


And in her usual style, Claudia has photographed the model against a number of artistic backdrops, which off-set it perfectly to give a real cinematic feel…

The A7V was put into service in 1918, with 20 fighting vehicles seeing action on the Western front under the service of the German Empire. With a maximum road-speed of 15km/h – it wasn’t exactly speedy, but at the dawn of the tank era, it had 6 Machine Guns alongside it’s main 5.7cm cannon – so it acted as a trundling pillbox with a ferocious weight of firepower.

So if you’re looking for something a little different, or maybe just a fun hobby project to tackle – why not head over to the webstore now and take a look?


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