Historicon: Special Lieutenant Dick Winters miniature

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Here’s a first look at the special miniature we have made for Historicon this year – Lieutenant Dick Winters. Made famous as the main character in the TV show Band of Brothers, Major Winters was the highly decorated commander of ‘Easy Company’, part of the US 101st Airborne Division, during World War II.


We’ve now confirmed that the Dick Winters model will be available to buy from our webstore during the period of Historicon, 17 – 20 July 2014.


As the theme of this year’s Historicon is ‘Large Wars, Small Soldiers’ and it’s a landmark 30th anniversary for America’s premier wargaming show, we knew we had to produce something special.


We found reference to Lt Winters’ dog tags and decided these would make a great display base for the model with the upper dog tag also holding the show details. Of course, for those wishing to field the model in games of Bolt Action he can easily be placed on a 25mm round base of your choice.


Our model is sculpted by Wojtek and depicts him marshaling his troops during the textbook assault on the German guns positions at Brecourt Manor.

For more information on attending the show and getting your hands on this splendid miniature, look no further than here!




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