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The famous Desert Rats charge into action! Following last week’s tease of the Afrika Korps, what else could we follow up with?

Plastic 8th Army Desert Rats

The battle for North Africa begins with all new Warlord Games Desert Rats plastics!

Each frame contains enough bits to make 6 8th Army troops, complete with a wide variety of heavy weapons and a handy pick-axe for digging foxholes (or bashing heads in.)

Additionally, each frame comes with 24 different heads, allowing you to assemble your troops as British regulars, Highlanders, Sikhs or Indians. This incredible variety allows you to represent a truly vast number of regiments in your desert campaign. Keep an eye on the newsletter over the coming weeks for a selection of our favourites.

Plastic 8th Army Frames

Each sprue contains:

  • 6 rifles
  • 2 submachine guns
  • 1 pistol
  • 1 anti-tank rifle
  • 2 light machine guns
  • 1 2 inch light mortar
  • Plus all manner of packs, pouches, entrenching tools and ancillary gear.

Heads include:

    • 6 heads in Brodie helmets
    • 6 heads in bonnets
    • 6 heads with Sikh turbans
    • 6 heads with Punjabi Mussalman/Yusuzai turbans

You’ll get 5 of these plastic frames in the 8th Army box set – available to pre-order soon, due to release late September.

We snuck into the studio to get a behind the scenes look at these incredible models.

Plastic 8th Army Desert Rats in progress

Painting Plastic 8th Army Desert RatsPlastic 8th Army Desert Rats - almost finished

Can’t wait to get stuck into the Western Desert? Make sure you pre-order the brand new El Alamein starter set, due for release in September.

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