Webstore: Boromite Skirmish Force

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The Boromites were bred as a specialised workforce – adapted to handle incredibly difficult and dangerous tasks in hostile environments. Though they are naturally a itinerant and insular species, they will take up arms if attacked or wronged – using adapted forms of their work tools to defend their own.

This great deal allows you start in the Antarian universe with a complete starting, or Skirmish level, 750 point force that comprises of the following:

  • 1 x Boromite Overseer Team – 3 men and 1 drone
  • 3 x Boromite Gang Fighters box – 15 men
  • 2 x Boromite Work Gang box – 5 men
  • 1 x Lavamites Blister – 1 man, 3 Lavamites
  • 1 x Boromite Mag Light Support – 2 men, 1 gun and 1 drone
  • 1 x Boromite X-Launcher – 2 men, 1 gun and 1 drone

Adding Choices from the Army options (Antares Rulebook page 159) and upgrading squads with specialised ammunition and leader upgrades will quickly bring your army to within the 1000pt Combat Force level for the more epic scale battles ideal for a 6′ x 4′ Battlefield.


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