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New: Virai Dronescourge Mining Team

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The Virai Dronescourge unleash their labour hordes with the Mining Team.

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Virai Mining drones are specialised versions of Constructor drones. Typically placed under the command of, or escorting, lessor architectors such as Mining Supervisors. Mining squads are tasked with seeking out material, metals and minerals from underground or the collapsed depths of a ruined arcology.

This box set contains:

  • 6 x Virai Mining Drones with tool appendages and flying bases.

The basic equipment of a Mining drone is similar to other constructors: multi-layered, honeycombed, cerametallic shells and manipulator appendages with a variety of tools. The principal difference between Mining drones and other Constructors is that each drone is also equipped with either a tractor maul or a mass compactor.

Though mining tools, intended to tear away material from the rock faces on which the Mining drones are working, tractor mauls and mass compactors are equally useful in stripping armour from invaders of the hive! With such equipment, and especially when given explosives in the form of fractal charges, a simple group of Virai Mining drones becomes a surprisingly potent unit on the battlefield.

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Virai Mining Supervisor Team

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Tertiary instance architectors are required in each force to provide command and control as well as to provide auxiliary services such as field repairs. Guide the mining team with the cold-hard calculations from the Tertiary instance with a mining support team with fractal DBC/frag borer acting as a guard unit.

This set contains:

  • 1 x Virai Dronescourge Tertiary Instance blister pack
  • 1 x Virai Dronescourge Mining Team blister pack
  • 1 x Virai Dronescourge mining support team with fractal DBC/frag borer blister pack

The Swarm!

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