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New: Virai Dronescourge mining support team with Fractal DBC/frag borer

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The Virai Dronscourge repurpose the Boromite Fractal Frag Border and turn it into a devasting siege weapon, capable of tunnelling through almost anything!

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This is an adaptation of the existing fractal and frag borer mining technology for a breaching and demolitions role. It is sometimes referred to by its full name, a Fractal Demolitions and Breaching Cannon or Fractal DBC, though Boromites tend to just refer to the weapon as ‘the Demolisher’. The Fractal Demolisher is occasionally used by specialist units in the C3, Senatex and Prosperate in place of a compression cannon, but is most likely to be found in Freeborn and Boromite urban and salvage forces.


Demolishers look identical to the existing Fractal Cannon or Frag Borers because they are merely adaptations of the existing weaponry. Internally, the alignment is significantly altered – the demolisher’s fractal resonance is deliberately focused at the very short ranges and high intensity required for demolition work. As a result, its use is limited on the battlefield, but its capabilities against stationary targets such as doors, buildings, walls and minefaces are much appreciated by its wielders. The resonance escalates rapidly, quickly disrupting the molecular structure of very close and shallow objects. However, such adaptations can affect the longevity of the equipment.


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The Swarm!

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