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Revised: US Armoured Jeep

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The famous jeep was the workhorse of all the allied armies. Found in nearly every theatre of war in many and varied roles it has been suggested that it was the weapon that won the war. This revised US Armoured Jeep certainly fits the bill…

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Now warlord can’t say it will win all your battles but we have reproduced the most fabulous little model that is packed with detail and character, just the way you like them!

This jeep is used for the American Army and has been converted in the field to offer extra protection to the crew while patrolling or on the front line. Also contains an American driver and a gunner.

A pintle-mounted .30 cal adds some punch to this highly manoeuvrable four-wheel drive SUV.

Pack contains 1 metal & resin jeep and 2 metal US Army crew figures with a .30cal MMG

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Check out Operation Market Garden!

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