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Frontline Report: Kalon’s D-Day Assault Force

Operation Overlord or D-Day is often regarded as one of history’s greatest military undertakings, involving a mind-blowing expenditure of manpower and machinery in a heroic effort to smash through the Atlantic Wall and give the Allies another foothold in western Europe. American, British and Canadian forces attacked five beaches along a 50 mile stretch of…

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New: Sherman Crocodile

Laydown Fire and Brimstone upon your enemies with the new Resin & Plastic Sherman Crocodile for Bolt Action late war American forces. View in Store Inspired by the powerful British Churchill Crocodile and their own experiences in the Pacific with other versions of flamethrower tanks the US army ordered some 100 Sherman Crocodile variants from…

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LCVP Machine Gun Crew + Flotilla

Out today to lend a little firepower to your invasion fleet are the LCVP Machine Gun Crew, plus single landing craft and even a flotilla! US LCVP Machine Gun Crew (x3 pairs) The .30cal was the mainstay MMG of the war and these fantastic new sculpts from the Warlord Studio wonderfully add an extra bit…

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New: The Battle For Normandy Ultimate Collection

This is the ultimate Battle for Normandy collection, it is absolutely jam-packed and entirely dedicated to re-enacting the Normandy landings on your Bolt Action battlefield! 182 Infantry 14 weapon teams 3 vehicles plus defences to storm on your D-Day battlefield… View in Store The Allies have launched their combined assault onto the dug-in Axis forces….