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Frontline Report: Kalon’s D-Day Assault Force

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Operation Overlord or D-Day is often regarded as one of history’s greatest military undertakings, involving a mind-blowing expenditure of manpower and machinery in a heroic effort to smash through the Atlantic Wall and give the Allies another foothold in western Europe.

American, British and Canadian forces attacked five beaches along a 50 mile stretch of coastline, striking from lightly armoured landing craft, with fire support from duplex drive Sherman tanks and naval gunnery from warships standing off in the English channel.

Immortalized in Saving Private Ryan, the assault on Omaha Beach has become one of the most iconic battles of the second world war.

Following on from his excellent guide to the German defenders of the Atlantic Wall, Kalon has created a second guide for an American assault force.

Kalon’s Army List

Organized around the M10’s armoured bulk, this list has plenty of infantry to contest crucial objectives. Loaded down with automatic rifles and submachine guns, these infantry units can punch well above their weight in terms of firepower.

Unit Type: Unit Name: Upgrades: Total Cost:
Headquarters First Lieutenant 1x additional rifleman 85pts
Headquarters Medic (Veteran) N/A 30pts
Infantry Late War Infantry Squad 4x additional riflemen, SMG, 2x BAR 113pts
Infantry Late War Infantry Squad 4x additional riflemen, SMG, BAR 108pts
Infantry Engineer Squad (Veteran) 2x SMGs, 2x BARs 81pts
Tank M10 (Veteran) Pintle-mounted HMG 241pts
Total Points Cost: 658pts

If you’ve assembled this army, and want to get it onto the table, Kalon’s also written a fantastic scenario to represent the Allied assault on the D-Day beaches. Download a PDF copy here:

D-Day Beach Landing Map

Painting the US Army D-Day Assault Force


M10 Wolverine Tank Destroyer

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