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The War Gamer: Gates of Antares Painting Tutorials

Pete at TWG has done some fantastic videos on each of our Antarean races, simple and effective guides allowing you to get cracking with your own painting schemes! We’ve shown these in various newsletters over the last year so it’s time to bring them all together into one easy to find place. So sit down,…

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Snipers In Ghillie Suits – Review And Painting Guide

WWPD have made a fantastic painting guide for our new Snipers In Ghillie Suits! They also reviewed this new unit too in their article which was originally posted here. View in Store By Patch Warlord Games have just released a pair of British snipers in ghillie suits to coincide with the Sea Lion campaign book and…

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Step by Step: Australian Commandos Review & Painting Guide

Bryan Cook yet again astonishes us with his painting and drops a few words of wisdom on the new Australian Commandos. Review Bryan: G’day fellas! Warlord Games has finally released the first of it’s Australian range in the form of the Independent Company Commandos. The miniatures are fantastic sculpts, very accurate and a pleasure to…