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Let the Festivities Continue!

Did Santa not deliver what you wanted? Have no fear! We’ve got you covered… with more holiday cheer! Enjoy the many delectable offers, hurry they’re on for a limited time only!: Freepost on orders over £10/$16! Army Bundles Deal! These army bundles were already offered at an amazing value, but now you can get an even BETTER…

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New: Saxon Huscarls

Ready to fight and die beside their king, the new Saxon King Huscarls are loyal to the very core. Saxon Huscarls A View in Store Armed with spears, round and kite shields, the Huscarls are usually the personal retinue of the king and are made up of venerable warriors and personal friends of the king….

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New: Saxon Ceorls

Free men taking up the sword to defend their loved ones or to fight a common foe, the new Saxon Ceorls stand ready. Saxon Ceorls A View in Store The term Ceorl (or churl) eventually came to mean ‘a non-servile peasant’ which was the lowest class of a free man during the Saxon reign. This…

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New: Romans (second edition)

New in from Karwansaray Publishers and Fragma comes the deliciously gorgeous second edition of their photographic history of Romans! View in Store Watch a video review of the hardback (first) edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00eMVqhs1RE The Romans have left their mark on the history of North-West Europe. But what did they really look like? What did they wear?…

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‘Spring’ into a new game and get a FREE plastic set!

Winter has withered away and greenery is blooming – much like your new-to-be army in a different game system! Haven’t you always just looked at the Romans and just thought ‘they look awesome’ and wanted to get a box but worried about the rules? Have you looked at the sparkly white Ghar battle suits and…

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Hobby: Making Caesarean Romans!

Warlorder & studio painter Andrés has created another regiment with some easy conversions for you to try at home: Andrés: In this second article I’ll talk about very easy and fast conversions you can perform on your plastic legionaries, to get the most out of this fantastic plastic set. What started as an interest in…