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New: Age of Caesar ready for PDF download

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Romes mightiest commander still reigns over the world and none can stop him after this new PDF version.

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Gaius Julius Caesar was surely the most famous Roman of all time – conqueror, statesman and founder of an empire that would shape the destiny of the world. What’s more, we know just how great a commander he was because he took the trouble to write and tell us so, recording his heroic exploits in all their gloriously impressive detail.
Join the mighty Caesar at the beginning of his glittering career of conquest and refight one of his most famous battles against those heinous enemies of civilisation, the dreaded Germans led by none other than that ambitious fiend Ariovistus of the Suebi.
A direct purchase through the webstore of the Age of Caesar gets you another follower of Rome and her glory! Optio Maximius Gluteus a captain that can follow Caesar on his conquest and command on his behalf.

Rome needs more men for her armies!


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