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Black Seas: The Battle of Trafalgar

Black Seas: The Battle of Trafalgar

The 21st October marks the anniversary of the greatest naval battle in military history. We take a look at the celebrated battle, and look at replicating the game using the Black Seas rules system! After pursuing the Admiral in charge of the Franco–Spanish Fleet, Pierre-Charles Villeneuve, to the Caribbean and back, Admirals Lord Nelson and…

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Black Seas: Fleet Battles

Our Black Seas Fleet Battles bundles are ideal for launching into Black Seas. There’s now a bundle available for each Navy in the game. Our Fleet Battles sets for each Navy include the Master & Commander Starter Set, the starter fleet box for the appropriate Navy, and a venerable vessel of legend to lead the…

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Black Seas: Gunboat Squadron

Support your larger vessels in Black Seas with Gunboat Squadrons. These small ships are sure to prove detrimental to the enemy’s manoeuvres. A gunboat squadron is like a gnat in comparison to the larger ships-of-the-line. Nevertheless, they have a useful place in the fleet. A gunboat would typically have only a single mast with square-rigged…

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Black Seas: French Battle Line

Our French Battle Line gives you the beginnings of a French Navy led by L’Orient, the 118-gun 1st Rate famed for its demise at the Battle of the Nile. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted   View in Store   Bundle Contains: French Navy Fleet (1 resin 1st Rate, 3 plastic 3rd Rates, 3 plastic frigates,…

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Black Seas: French Navy 1st Rate

1st rate ships-of-the-line provide any fleet with an impressive command ship and centrepiece. The French Navy is no exception… 1st Rate ships of the line were extremely large and powerful and were a true display of a Navy’s power. They were, however, expensive to operate, so their service use was limited in times of peace….

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Focus: Black Seas Ammunition

Black Seas enables you to select from a number of different types of ammunition. We examine their usage and impact in the game. At the start of a game of Black Seas, or at the start of a ship’s activation, you can change ammunition at any or all gun positions. Whilst this does lend ships…