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History: Egyptian Chariots

Introduction Chariots developed out of earlier vehicles mounted on disk or cross-bar wheels, with the origin traced to the Near East, where spoke-wheeled and horse-drawn ‘true’ chariots are first estimated to originate the earlier part of the second millennium BC. The early usage of chariots was mainly for transportation purposes. With technological improvements to their…

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New: Egyptian Chariots

Ride forth against the Hittites in the Battle of Kadesh with these Egyptian Chariots: Early New Kingdom Egyptian, 2-horse, 2-crew Light Chariot, (with 4-spoked wheels), a Driver, Armoured Archer and optional Commander or Pharaoh. This chariot can be used for the native Egyptian armies of the 17th and early 18th Dynasties including those of Thutmoses…

Bronze Age, Hail Caesar, Latest Products

New: New Kingdom Egyptians!

This week sees the release of the New Kingdom Egyptians, we have three metal boxed sets comprising of chariots, spearmen and archers, the key elements you need to build an Egyptian army and face off against the recently released Hittites! The Eighteenth, Nineteenth and Twentieth dynasties comprise the age of the Egyptian New Kingdom (1550-1077BC)….

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