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New: Later Egyptian close fighters

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Marching into battle against the Hitittes come the Bronze Age Later Egyptian close fighters.


These are the Close Fighters of the 19th and 20th Dynasties (Ramesside period) that fought under the Pharaohs: Rameses II, Ramesses III and later Ramesses until the end of the New Kingdom.

These are the Close Fighters that fought against the Hittites and their allies at the famous Battle of Kadesh.


They are equipped with a Spear, a Khopesh (sickle sword) or straight Sword (which were becoming common by this time) and a large Shield. They are also equipped with light armour and standardised headgear.

It is still disputed as to what the stone reliefs and wall paintings of the Egyptian headgear truly represents: whether it was a striped headcloth (perhaps with a Bronze helmet underneath) or a plaited wig? The figures can therefore be painted to represent either option.

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