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New: Egyptian Chariots

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Ride forth against the Hittites in the Battle of Kadesh with these Egyptian Chariots:


Early New Kingdom Egyptian, 2-horse, 2-crew Light Chariot, (with 4-spoked wheels), a Driver, Armoured Archer and optional Commander or Pharaoh.

This chariot can be used for the native Egyptian armies of the 17th and early 18th Dynasties including those of Thutmoses III.

It can also be used as a chariot of the later Hyksos armies of the earlier 15th Dynasty, who were by this time Egyptianised.

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Mid-period New Kingdom Egyptian Chariot of the late 18th Dynasty (Thutmoses IV and Tutankhamun) and early 19th Dynasty (Ramesses I and Seti I).

Chariots now had wheels with 6 spokes and chariot horses were dressed in scale armour.

By the time of Seti I, in the early 19th Dynasty, arrow quivers began to appear on the chariot sides alongside the bow cases and 2 quivers are provided in this pack for the option to fix them on each side of the chariot cab.

For the earlier period of the late 18th Dynasty, one of the arrow quivers can be fixed to the back of the Archer.

The pack contains 2 optional fighting crew figures to be used alongside the Driver (1 Archer and 1 Commander or Pharaoh).

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New Kingdom Egyptian, 2-man, 2-horse light Chariot of the late 19th and 20th Dynasties. This is the Chariot of Ramesses II, III and the later Ramesses until the end of the New Kingdom. (The Ramesside period).

It is the chariot as used at the famous Battle of Kadesh fought against the Hittites and allies.

Armoured chariot horses were the norm at this time and had become even more armoured than in the previous period, with additional armour for the horses neck.

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