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New: German Blitzkrieg Panzergrenadiers 1939-42 – 1000pt army bundle

The Pioneers of fast attack, the elite German Blitzkrieg Panzergrenadiers 1939-42, a 1000pt starter army set to begin your Bolt Action battles. View in Store Following the static nature of the first world war, Allied commanders were ill prepared as German forces took them by surprise in a lightning-fast attack past the defensive lines of Allied…


Webstore: Great Britain Army Builder

Build your army from the selections available to you in the drop down boxes, make sure you choose your free tank too. This army gives you all the models you need for getting started in Bolt Action with an army from Great Britain or alternatively will get you started with a new army at a…


Webstore: Blitzkreig Panzergrenadiers

This great value boxed set contains a perfect start to your German Heer army with three squads of Panzergrenadiers and their armoured half-track transports! Whether you are invading Poland, rampaging across France and the low countries or driving deep into the Soviet Union, these are the troops to bring you glory for the Fatherland! This…

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