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History: Napoleonic French Column vs British Line

The clashes between British and French forces during the Napoleonic wars saw two rather different approaches go head-to-head – the French attack column vs the British firing line! The French attack column Having suffered many defeats during the 18th Century, some in the French Army had become convinced that the advance to contact or ‘shock’…

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New: Tesla AT Gun

Fire devasting arcs of electricity into the enemies ranks with the new Tesla AT gun! View in Store The directed energy weapons conceived and developed by Nikola Tesla have had an immediate impact on the battlefield. Even heavily-armoured vehicles are vulnerable to electricity and with a dispersion setting, squads of infantry can be attacked just…

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New: Bristol Beaufighter squadron, Bristol Beaufighter Ace + Bristol Beaufighter Decal Sheet

During day and night, these new Bristol Beaufighters prove to be a worthy adversary to the Luftwaffe forces. Bristol Beaufighter Squadron View in Store The Bristol Type 156 Beaufighter was a multi-role aircraft, originally conceived as a heavy fighter variant from the Bristol Beaufort bomber. This particular variant proved to be suited for night-fighting duties….