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New: Assyrian army deals! 

Over the past few weeks we’ve been releasing loads of miniatures from the Assyrian range we inherited when we bought Immortal Miniatures. With most of the range now available it’s time we brought you a few great value army deals, isn’t it? Chariots of Fire – Assyrian chariot division special offer 6 Assyrian Chariots Assyrian King in Chariot Add this…

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New: Aramean light infantry!

Fresh troops for the Babylonian forces this week with the addition of these splendid Aramean light infantry… There were more than 40 Aramaean tribes throughout Mesopotamia, especially around south western Babylonia, Uruk and the marshy Elamite border. They had some large towns, but were mainly pastoral. Aramaean was becoming popular and would eventually replace Babylonian…

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New: Assyrian Chariot!

Thundering onto the battlefield is this splendid Assyrian chariot – woe betide anyone getting in the way of this machinery of destruction! Four horses, four crew and one devastating charge – the Assyrian chariots were the pinnacle of military engineering in their time and were put to good use on the field of battle. In…