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The Summer Offensive, Painting Competition

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We’ve been completely blown away by some of the entries you guys have submitted for the Summer Offensive: Painting Competition. We spent last week collating all the entries and passed them over to the studio for judging, so we’ll be able to announce the winner of each category in next week’s newsletter.

We’ve picked out some of the best to show off in this week’s newsletter.

If you want to make sure your entry got to us, make sure you e-mail with any queries or questions you might have!

Summer Offensive entry Jesper

Jesper’s entry for best diorama – a Flak 88 plus crew and the Sd.Kfz 7 prime mover.

Summer Offensive entry Matt Bell

Matt Bell’s entry for best diorama – a 6pdr and Universal Carrier

Summer Offensive entry Jeremias

Jeremias’ entry for best unit – a squad of German Grenadiers.

Summer Offensive entry Stephen

Stephen’s entry for best unit – a section of British Paratroopers.

Summer Offensive entry Chris

Chris’s entry for best-paraded army – Winter Germans.

Summer Offensive entry Geoffrey

Geoffrey’s entry for best-paraded army – Winter Soviets.

Warlord Games Open Day 2018

Warlord Games Open Day 2018

If you’ve enjoyed participating in the Summer Offensive, Painting Competition and want a chance to meet some of our fantastic studio painters, and even get some inspiration for your next project!

It’s only a couple of weeks away so get your tickets now to avoid disappointment!

Tom Mecredy
Tom spends most of his time buying books and painting miniatures. He enjoys putting animals on the bases of his miniatures and half-finishing side projects. Some say that he lives in a tower on top of some windswept northern hill with his wife and cow-patterned cat, Spaghetti.