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Spotlight: Imperial Roman Auxiliaries

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Welcome to the Warlord Games Spotlight! Last time we took a look at our Ancient British Warriors, and we’re still trying to get the woad off. This round we thought we’d take you to the other end of the spectrum and show off some of their enemies (which strangely enough very possibly might have been drawn from their own lands), the Imperial Roman Auxiliaries:

First off, we’d be shirking our duties if we did not mention our brand-new plastic Imperial Roman Auxiliaries boxed set. You can find out all about them in their own article here.

Next up we have our slightly less new but still very serviceable metal Imperial Roman Auxiliaries. If you’d like a little more heft to your models or simply want some different sculpts, then these will mix in perfectly with our plastics.

If you’re looking for command for your Auxiliary cohorts, you need look no further than our metal Auxiliary Command. In a show of solidarity with his troops, the Centurion is wielding a hasta instead of a gladius or pila.

Tribunes who have decided to craft their forces as one of the Legions from the Eastern part of the Empire would do well to add some of our Dromedarii to their army. These camel-riding cavalry are an excellent and unusual addition to any force.

If horse-borne cavalry are more to your taste (or if you’ve watched Gladiator a bit), then our Imperial Roman Auxiliary Cavalry. You can just hear them thundering over the battlefield, ready to stave in the side of an enemy infantry regiment!

For those commanders who want to add some missile power to their army, we have two varieties of Archers, Imperial Roman Western Archers and Imperial Roman Eastern Archers. Either of them are more than capable of knocking a few holes in the enemy.

Even more auxiliary cavalry is available from the lands of Numidia with our aptly named Numidian Cavalry. These troops were amongst the finest horsemen of the age and they look great in any Imperial Roman Army.

Last and certainly not least we have our range of Balearic Slingers. Lightly armoured but deadly with their sling stones, these fast-moving infantry are perfect for screening your heavier troops as they march up into position.