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Spotlight: Bolt Action Weapons Store

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Whether you are arming the Allies or equipping the Axis, you will find the kit you are looking for in Bolt Action Weapons Store. Weapon packs, helmets, and more are available to ensure that your troops are properly prepared to face the enemy on the tabletop!

Whether you’re in the market for upgrading your British Paratroopers with a few extra Sten Guns for Operation Market Garden or your German Snipers are demanding additional Gewehr 43s for Operation Barbarossa, we’ve got the armaments you are looking for.

Here is a small selection of what’s on offer – check the full list out here

German (Maschinengewehr) MG 34:

German Maschinengewehr 34/MG 34

American Browning .30 Machine Gun:

American Browning .30 Machine Gun

American M1 Carbine:

American M1 Carbine

German (Maschinenpistole) MP40:

German MP40

British (Projector, Infantry, Anti Tank) PIAT:

British PIAT

German (Sturmgewehr) STG44:

Not one to be left out of the spotlight when it comes to World War 2 miniatures, our very own Paul Sawyer has painted these excellent British Paratroopers manning a Vickers Machine Gun. If you look around the base you’ll see a variety of items from our Bolt Action Weapons Store being used to good effect!

All of these excellent accessories can now be found in the Warlord Games web store.