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New: Spartan Starter army + Spartan Generals

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Famous for their battle prowess, Sparta has sent forth her armies out into the world with the new Spartan starter army, which is led by the new Spartan generals.

Spartan Starter Army

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This box set contains:

  • 160 Plastic Spartan hoplites
  • 8 Metal Greek slingers
  • Metal Spartan command
  • 4 Spartan shield decal sheets and plastic bases

The Spartan command would typically be the finest group of warriors amongst the troop, they’d have the duty to empower their men and hold the line at whatever cost.

The Spartans are possibly the most famous fighting men in history, and rightly so! Spartan Hoplites were respected and feared throughout Greece, and it was long thought that no land power could stand against them. Lacedaemon, with Sparta as its capital, stood firm against the imperial ambitions of the Athenians.

Those too poor to fight as a hoplite would serve as lightly equipped infantry, usually with a javelin, stones or a sling. Lead shot was often used by the Greeks, which would be carried in small bags. These lead bullets were sometimes inscribed with such messages as “Take this!”

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Spartan Generals

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Leading the forces for their King, these Spartan commanders were selected from Olympic champions and are exceptional warriors.

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Sparta has sent more warriors!


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