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Forums and facebook provide a great resource for our hobby and there are some great examples to inspire and help our creativity – check out this M4 Sherman by angusin ModelBrush for a start:

Sherman Article3

The Sherman Tank was the mainstay of the American army. The break-out from the Normandy beaches and the bocage could never been achieved without the armoured support. Although they had their weaknesses and were nicknamed ‘Ronsons’ by the Germans as they lit up every time; their impressive firepower and large production numbers enabled the Allies to over power the Germans.


Sherman Article2

In the game

For Bolt Action it is also the tank most used by the armies of the US and later the British & French: It has a Medium AT gun, damage value 9+ (medium tank) and a cost for regular below 200 points. Basic weapons also include a coaxial MMG and another mounted on the hull. In addition, you can add another MMG in the turret and even this can be extended to HMG for a total of 25 points. So with 3 MMG’s and a medium AT gun, a Sherman is a more than worthy opponent for the right cost.

Sherman Article1

M4A3 76mm in supporting fire roll

The Sherman has two special rules:
When you throw on the damage table, having received an impact, and get the option that the tank is on fire, it receives D3 pins instead of the usual 1 pin!
This is offset by the fact that if you shoot with High Explosive (HE) ammunition, instead of throwing a D2 for hits you throw D6 hits instead!

So, apart from having three MMG’s, the 75mm main gun Sherman firing HE is most effective against infantry.

Painting the Tank

Sherman Article4

Sherman Article5

Sherman Article6

Check out my full article here



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Right now I’ve started with a Stuka Zu Fuss. So it will be the next victim.
See you soon!

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