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Showcase: Łukasz Perzanowski’s Grizzly Medium Walker – “Popeye”

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The launch of Konflikt ’47 has taken the world by storm – the official Facebook group has become a hive of activity – walkers, supernatural horrors and Weird War armour has been shipped out to the farthest reaches of the globe, and is taking to the battlefield

K47 Atmospheric

One that particularly caught our attention was the work of Łukasz Perzanowski (of the Hortwerth blog)

Lucasz Grizzly (5)

I went for a wacky scheme as this allows me to have a more colourful model next to the usual olive drab BA stuff. The camo pattern is similar to what I used on my USMC Bufallo. I actually started with painting the stars-and-striped fist and only after I had this done I went and started painting the rest of the model. Weird for me to start from detail, but it’s weird war after all.

Lucasz Grizzly (2)

The idea behind the oddly coloured other fist and hatch is that these are replacement parts from a scrapped British grizzly painted for desert warfare. I know it’s an early war scheme but I always loved it and never had an excuse to use it!

Lucasz Grizzly (4)Oh, and the right fist is now named “Tally Ho!” and the left fist is “Uncle Slam”.

We’re sure “Popeye” will prove to be a valuable addition to his existing USMC forces… we’re particularly fond of some of his Shermans and their improvised armour!

Lukasz Shermans


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Article written by Richard Dando