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Showcase: Barcino’s Miniatures

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Earlier this week, Warlord forum member ‘Barcino’ posted some fantastic photos of a recent project he’s been working on. These are the exclusive miniatiures you receive for free when you purcahse the relevant rulebook or supplement directly from us by webstore, at shows or by dropping in to Warlord HQ!

Barcino (7)

Imperial Roman Centurion Titus Aduxas – Hail Caesar rulebook

Barcino (14)

Barcino (12)Centuriun Titus is perched atop a broken Celtic shield, eyeing-up the next enemy…

Hugo Raleigh, English Civil War ensign – Pike & Shotte rulebook

Barcino (3)

Barcino (2)

With colours held aloft, dancing proud in the breeze – Hugo marches ever onward toward the enemy battle line – pistol readied

Wee Wullie, Black Watch Highlander – The Last Argument of Kings, Black Powder supplement

Barcino (1)

Barcino (8)Wee Wullie – the Black Watch Highlander – pistol raised toward the enemy – as depicted on the cover of the ‘Last Argument of Kings’ Black Powder supplement.

Foot Guards Ensign – Albion Triumphant volume I: The Peninsular Campaign, Black powder supplement

Barcino (6)

Barcino (10)

This Ensign of the Foots Guards stands resolute defending the King’s colours

Sharpe Shooter, British 95th Rifleman – Albion Triumphant volume II: The Hundred Days, Black Powder supplement

Barcino (13)

Barcino (5)

This Napoleonic British Rifleman has a particularly Sharpe eye – with his trusty rifle at the ready, he waits for the next target to reveal itself…

Big Wullie, Crimean War Highlander – Black Powder rulebook

Barcino (15)

Barcino (9)

Our ‘Big Wullie’ miniature depicts one of the 93rd Highlanders fighting the Russians at Balaclava

Harald Steptoesson, Viking raider – Hail Caesar army lists: Late Antiquity to Early Medieval

Barcino (4)

Barcino (11)

Sculpted by our tame Pole, Wojtek – Harald charges forward in search of loot and infamy!

In the words of one of our patrons “Bloody marvellous!” and we totally agree. Share your thoughts over at the Warlord Forum.

All of these miniatures (except for Harald, he’s available to buy separately!) are supplied ABSOLUTELY FREE with the relevant book, when purchased direct through the Warlord webstore…

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