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Sea Lion! – The Brit, The Yank and The Hobby Podcast

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The Brit, The Yank and The Hobby Podcast is back and in Episode 22 they are talking Campaign: Sea lion!


The Brit, The Yank, and The Hobby is a historical gaming podcast hosted by three avid hobbyists, we cover many different periods though our collective main period of interest is in the Second World War. Each episode we take a battle or operation that has caught our interest, discuss some of the history, and then talk about the gaming opportunities connected to it.
In Episode 22 we are joined by author, scientist and games designer John Lambshead, with his latest work, the Sea Lion supplement for Bolt Action.
John talks to us about some of the history and new game mechanics he’s added, as well as the historical basis for what is arguably the biggest campaign that never was.

You can find links to listen to us on various formats on the Volley Fire Painting Blog here
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