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We’ve 2 new Redoubt terrain sets arriving for your artillery pieces from Sarissa Precision today:

Each one is easy to build and provides a neat display base as well as a battlefield feature. The wooden planking can even act as the permanent base for your artillery pieces as it is easily removed from behind the redoubt!

Each set contains:

  • 2 x 100mm x 100 mm MDF Terrain Tile System tiles

Earthwork Redoubt


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Gabion Redoubt


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Sarissa’s Terrain Tiles are designed with interlocking edges that enable them to be neatly positioned together.
Designed to be offset by 10cm, each tile can be linked in different ways to provide multiple set up opportunities.

More importantly, they are “self-locking” as each group of tiles are placed for a game scenario.

Really useful as a base for models of all types and scales, the terrain tiles are a really useful addition to any gamers arsenal of battlefield accessories.

Terrain Tile System 3’x3′ contains:

  • 16 x 200mm x 200mm MDF Tiles
  • 8 x 200mm x 100mm MDF Tiles
  • 4 x 100mm x 100 mm MDF Tiles

Buildings are shown for example only, All items come unpainted

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