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Cruel Seas: Royal Navy Fleet, Flotilla and Coastal Force

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Add your Royal Navy Fleet, Flotilla and Coastal Force to the battle for the coastal waters in Cruel Seas!


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Royal Navy Vosper MTB flotilla

Despite the Royal Navy’s successful use of light coastal forces in the Great War, the RN found itself almost completely bereft of coastal forces in September 1939 when war again broke out.
The Royal Navy in 1939 was a tremendously powerful force. The Big Ships, Battleships, Cruisers and Carriers were seen as war winners and certainly vessels that projected symbols of power.
Early in the war, however, the Admiralty grew more concerned about the German actions in the Channel and the North Sea. Small pinprick attacks grew to savage attacks on the British coastal convoys and those, supported by aggressive Luftwaffe and U-boat attacks, forced the Admiralty to re-examine its attitude to light forces. The ’E’ or enemy boat threat had become real and it stimulated some frantic development in private shipyards.

At the outbreak of war, Britain had 3 formed MTB flotillas, precious few to cover the world’s largest empire. But with judicious use of what were pre-war civilian boatyards and the huge resources of their empire and help from the USA, the Coastal Forces would in 1944 have 25,000 sailors in over 2000 small craft!
These Flotillas, enhanced by Commonwealth, Dutch, Norwegian, French, and other free forces sank over 400 enemy vessels, including 48 E-boats and 32 midget submarines. They also accounted for 32 axis aircraft and fired in total 1169 very expensive torpedoes. This impressive tactical achievement contributed mightily to the allied strategic successes. It ensured that Britain was not isolated for trade. It put a stranglehold on Axis Supply lines and ultimately formed a force that could not be resisted, so much so that by the D Day landings in 1944, the Kriegsmarine was impotent to resist.

Contains: six Vosper MTBs (3 early & 3 late)

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Royal Navy Fleet

Great Britain never built a vessel as fast or as deadly as the E-boats, instead, fielding many types of MTB and motor gunboats. After a slow start, the Royal Navy helped by construction in the USA, Canada and India, built an extraordinary catalogue of excellent small boats, supported by larger vessels which gave serious firepower and, using the characteristics of each boat to maximum effect, fielded mixed formations supported by destroyers or powerful gun equipped LCTs. They generally fought at night and using radar and radiotelephone, coupled with RAF and fleet air arm support and even secret information from intercepts they fought the Kriegsmarine to a standstill and by 1944, with hugely superior numbers and technological advantage truly ruled any waters which they chose to dominate.

The British Royal Navy Fleet Contains:

  • 2 x Plastic Early Vosper MTBs
  • 2 x Plastic Mid/Late Vosper MTBs
  • 2 x Fairmile D (resin and metal)
  • 1 x Armed Trawler (resin and metal)
  • 1 x Bristol Beaufighter Mk Ic (metal)
  • Ship Cards
  • Plastic Torpedo markers


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Royal Navy Coastal Force

Combine the complete might of the British Royal Navy Fleet with a flotilla of the famous Vosper MTBs, then add in the rules for Cruel Seas with the special U-boat miniature and your Royal Navy Coastal Force is ready to head out on aggressive patrols and intruder missions!


  • British Royal Navy Fleet (7 ships & 1 aircraft)
  • Royal Navy Vosper MTB flotilla (6 ships)
  • Soft Cover Rulebook (with special miniature)


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Cruel Seas, the rules

In Cruel Seas, you take on the role of a naval crew manning their fragile coastal craft as they head out day and night to take on both the sea and the enemy.

Within the pages of Cruel Seas you’ll find the complete rules for small ship action plus full-colour guides, superb art courtesy of Osprey Publishing, history on your fleets, Campaign rules and special weaponry, Aircraft rules and more!

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