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Preview: Early War German Infantry

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As we start to rerelease the early war range we bought from BEF Miniatures we’ve taken the opportunity to refresh some of the infantry sculpts. This has started with the Germans as you can see here.

BEF Early War German

In addition to tweaking the poses and bringing the weaponry in line with their late war counterparts so we have a consistent range we’ve applied our Figure Head System to the range – now the models come with separate heads which will give you more variety and posing options in your army.

BEF Early War German

While you wait for these great-looking landsers take a look at what is left of the original batch of BEF Miniatures stock – there’s not much left as they’ve been selling fast so don’t hang around – it could be a while before some of these are remastered and rereleased in resin and metal. You can see what is still available here.