Beyond the Gates of Antares, Boromites

Preview: Boromite team with Mag Light Support

We’ve got even more eye candy from our up-coming science-fiction game – Beyond the Gates of Antares. This week – how about some fire support for the Boromite forces in the form of the Mag Light Support?

Magnetic weapons (or ‘Mag Weapons’ for short) propel a metallic, metal-coated or metal-cored projectile by means of a powerful magnetic pulse. The projectile itself takes the form of a spike, needle, sliver or plug. Small Mag weapons are fed by a magazine, however the larger, more sophisticated weapons carry their ammunition inside of an inbuilt compression field which is capable of carrying thousands of rounds – these larger weapons are also able to synthesise their own ammunition from an integral HCM (Hyper Compressed Material) core given a few hours.


All mag guns shoot a burst of projectiles. The rate of fire varies, with Concord and Isorian military manufactured weapons being more versatile, rapid firing and reliable in use. They make for an effective method of fire support, and are seen on battlefields across countless galaxies.

Find out more about Boromites here, on our Beyond the Gates of Antares website or read game creator Rick Priestleys’s article on the factions waging war amid the Seventh Age.