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New: the M18 Hellcat Platoon enters the fray!

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Driving in towards your battlefield at top speed comes the new plastic Hellcat with two starter sets to choose from:

Option 1: Anti-Tank Hellcat Section


A standard tank destroyer platoon in 1944 would have consisted of 4 M18s with support from 2 M20 utility vehicles (for reconnaissance) split in to two Anti Tank Sections. This set comes with 2 new plastic M18 Hellcats plus 1 plastic M20 Utility vehicle (which can also be made into the rather awesome M8 Greyhound if you so wish) and includes all the new extras that the M18 comes with… perfect for creating a pair of reinforced platoons in your games of Bolt Action.

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Option 2: Hellcat Platoon

The Platoon is your standard box set providing 3 of these agile tank killers in the one place, perfect for Tank War armies:

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After the experiences of improvised tank destroyer vehicles such as the M3 half-track with 75mm gun, M6 truck with 37mm gun and the M10 tank destroyer (3-inch gun on a modified M4 Sherman hull), the US Army were keen to produce a bespoke tank destroyer to hunt enemy armour. An order was issued in late 1941 to mount a 37mm gun in the requested vehicle. This was to be upgraded several times to 57mm, 75mm and then finally a 76mm.

The result of this development would be the M18 Hellcat – the fastest US armoured fighting vehicle of the Second World War.

M18 Hellcat – Italy – 1944

M18 Hellcats served in the invasion of the Phillipines and saw action in Europe during the landings at Anzio in Italy and in Northwest Europe.

Hellcats were also exported to China where they served in an infantry support role.

The Hellcat could be found in the service of several nations following World War II with the Yugoslav army still fielding them into the 1990s!

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Brand New Features

The M18 introduces a brand new feature with our plastic kits – a special vehicle play card displaying all your key pieces of information including the full stats! Dead useful during the heat of battle to remind you of all its abilities:
Plus brand new waterslide decals specifically for the M18:


Plus smoke and damage markers – absolutely essential to intimidate your enemy! Have them to hand ready to place on anything you destroy:


Also Included

The first M18s into combat did so with a 76mm gun barrel without a muzzle break, the screw thread for the missing muzzle break protected by a screw on cap. The muzzle brakes finally arrived in the field workshops from late June 1944. This new highly detailed plastic kit has both options to help you tailor it to your army’s themed period, or just pick the one you like the look of best!

In Bolt Action


Being armed with a heavy Anti-Tank gun allows the Hellcat to kill any armour without too much difficulty, except for super heavies. Keeping the M18 in reserve also allows you to get flank and rear shots, further increasing the effectiveness of that +6 pen. Don’t forget the HMG has +1 pen too, good for wrecking soft skins and anything else you want to unleash it upon.

M18 Hellcat – Ardennes Offensive – January 1945

For 155 points at regular you get an armour 7+, open topped heavy anti-tank gun. For an extra 25 points you can add an HMG, and for a mere 10 points further you can add recce too! 190 points for a speedy, HMG packing anti-tank beast? Bargain!

Cost: 124pts (Inexperienced), 155pts (Regular), 186pts (Veteran).
Weapons: 1 turret-mounted heavy anti-tank gun.
Damage value: 7+ (armoured car/carrier).
May add a pintle-mounted HMG for +25pts.
May be a Recce vehicle for +10pts.
Special Rules:
Recce: if option is chosen

The Anti Tank Hellcat Section contains:


  • Two 1/56 scale hard plastic M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyers
  • One 1/56 scale hard plastic M20 Utility (M8 with Greyhound option) kit
  • Full-colour waterslide decal sheets
  • Construction leaflets
  • Bolt Action stat card for M18
  • Damage markers


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The Platoon box set contains:



  • Three 1/56 scale hard plastic M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyers
  • Full-colour waterslide decal sheet
  • Construction leaflet
  • Bolt Action stat card
  • Damage markers

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