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Panzer IVH in village

Originally designed as a troop support tank, its role was to be reconfigured with the need to replace the Panzer III, after facing the Soviet T-34. The Panzer IV was rolled out as Germany’s primary battle tank. The most widely produced German tank of WW2, the Panzer IV was used as the template for many other German fighting vehicles.

Produced: 1936-45

Main armament: Heavy Anti-tank Gun

Secondary Armament: x2 MMG

Numbers Built: 9,000

Crew: 5

Platoon Organisation


Typical Panzer IV Platoons contained between 3-5 tanks – they often contained a mixture of variants to tackle specific tasks or targets.


Overall thoughts: Any tank that has an option for a light howitzer and a heavy anti-tank gun is a useful thing. The Ausf. H with protective schürzen sideskirts is a model to be feared!

Best target: M4 Shermans – Because there are so many of them!

Most feared foe: SU-100 or any Allied tank destroyer that can pick the Pz IV off from a distance.

Most memorable action: Warlord owner, John Stallard’s German Infantry platoon was being overwhelmed by Andrew Chesney’s Soviet Brigade. All seemed lost, with an SU-76 blowing great chunks out of the German infantry. It was only when a venerable Panzer IV entered the battle that the tide turned – resulting in a decisive German victory!

 Hobby Tip

The Plastic Panzer IV kit goes together quickly, and contains enough components to assemble it as either the F2, G, or H variants – the kit comprises three sprues and is supplied with an easy-to-follow assembly guide that gives step-by-step instructions that mean your tank will be battle-ready in no time. A full-colour decal sheets tops things off nicely!

The standard kit can be accessorized in several ways, with a quick trip to the Armoury – Decals, Stowage, German Tank Crew, and Alternate Head Sprues will all add to the character and uniqueness of your tank.

Article written by Sam Phillips



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