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Battlefield Details: Plastic Terrain Sets

Adding essential detail to a Bolt Action Battlefield...

Battlefield Details: Plastic Terrain Sets
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Though, as wargamers, we are fully able to replicate famous battles of history using nothing but a tabletop and our fertile imaginations, nothing compares to rolling dice on a fully kitted out battlefield – replete with vegetation, obstacles and buildings. These hard plastic terrain kits are a great and easy route to populating a battlefield with some fantastic looking buildings to enliven the tabletop gaming experience.

Though many of these plastic kits were designed for Bolt Action, many of them are suitable for any number of 28mm scale games.

Stone Walls

Nicely detailed, this set comes with 4 long walls, 2 medium, 4 small, 2 gates and a variety of end and connecting pieces to allow you to dynamically create any formation you’d like.

Ruined Farmhouse

This great plastic ruined farmhouse will provide you with an objective to take and hold or provide life-saving cover from enemy fire for your brave troops.

Wrecked House

An unfortunate casualty of war, this hard-plastic house will provide great cover for your troops or become a great scenic piece on your battlefield.

Ruined Hamlet

This boxed set is based on a ruined farmhouse is extremely versatile in that it can be built in several ways, it contains 3 plastic houses.

Stone Bridge

As ways across natural obstacles such as rivers, ravines and railway lines, bridges are often targeted as significant objectives either to take or to destroy.

Coastal Defence bunker

These bunkers would most commonly house either 7.5cm anti-tank guns or 10.5cm field howitzers and provided deadly firepower capable of striking invaders as they landed as well as at sea.

Anti-Tank/Flak Bunker

Commonly house either 7.5cm anti-tank guns and light anti-aircraft guns such as the 2cm, 3.7cm and quad 2cm flak guns they provided deadly firepower capable of striking invaders as they landed as well, at sea and protection from Allied air attack.


This superbly detailed and easy-to-build plastic church is a fantastic looking centrepiece for your wargames table. Whether you are setting your games during the 17th Century, the Napoleonic Wars, the two World Wars or even fantasy games, this impressive model will bring your battlefield to life.

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