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New: Outcast Rebel Commander in Battle Armour

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One of Fartok’s many Lieutenants, the new Outcast Rebel commander is outfitted in battle armour, equipped with the awesomely destructive Scourer Cannon and deadly Claw…

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The Outcast Rebels have been driven deep into the depths of Antarean space by the forces of the Ghar Empire, and everywhere the brave rebels are forced to fight for their very survival. Cut off from the workshops and armouries of Gharon Prime, rebel leaders are obliged to make the best of the equipment they have, what they can capture, and what they can repair and adapt.

This box set contains the following multi-part plastic and metal model:

  • 1 Ghar Commander in battle armour, armed with Scourer Cannon and Claw

Just as the rebels are forced to adapt their weapons and other armaments, so they must also change their tactical methods in the face of necessity.

So it is that Ghar Rebel Commanders often take to the field in the battle armour of an ordinary Ghar warrior, fighting alongside their troops, leading from the front accompanied by the best equipped and most loyal of their forces.

Ghar are perfectly evolved to pilot the battlesuits with which their fighting forces are equipped, for without their armour they are weedy creatures that dislike bright light and cool air. Within their battle armour they become mighty fighting machines, protected by layers of metallic armour, bonded with magnetic shields and powered by the boundless energy of a boiling plasma reactor.

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