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New: Ghar Outcast Rebel Attack Crawler

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Providing intense fire support, the Ghar Outcast Rebels utilise their Attack Crawler to the utmost efficiency.

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Across the Ghar Empire rebellion spreads as Outcast forces led by the disgraced High Commander Fartok confront the armies of the Empire in open battle. The rebels are tough and determined, but so far at least, vastly outnumbered and woefully under-equipped.

This box set contains the following multi-part resin and metal model:

  • 1 Outcast Rebel Attack Crawler with 2 crew figures, armed with 2x mag light support, 2x mag cannon, or 2x quad mag repeater.

The Rebel Attack Crawler makes use of Ghar Command Crawler machines captured from Ghar Empire forces. This is a multi-legged vehicle powered by a volatile plasma reactor, the common power source used in other Ghar vehicles and battle armour suits.

The Crawler carries multiple layers of metallic armour as well as magnetic shielding, this gives it considerable protection from even the most powerful weapons of Antarean space. The machine’s weapons have been scavenged from the defeated hordes of humanity. These typically comprise two weapon systems, often Mag Light Supports, Mag Cannons or Quad Mag Repeaters. These weapons have proven surprisingly effective. Some Ghar crew even claim to have grown used to the sickening stench of humanity that adheres to them still.

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The rebellion is in full swing!


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